This morning a lot of work got done in spite of the very hot weather:

Larry brought a plastic composte bin which was placed inside the fence.
We harvested the remaining broccoli, pulled the broccoli plants, and placed the leaves (not the stems) in the new composte bin.
Green beans were picked and the plants will continue to produce more beans during the coming weeks.
Some cabbage, cauliflower, beets, and turnips were also ready for picking.

With the end of the broccoli, we added additional mushroom composte to the vacant 1.5 beds.
We then planted zucchini seeds in a half bed, and more bean seeds (identical to the beans we're now harvesting) in the full bed.
A metal trellis was set up to accommodate cucumbers which were also planted today.

Our new sign was not quite ready and will be installed next week. It will be installed on wooden posts and we will be planting flower plants at the base.

Thanks again to Robin Klein for delivering our crops to Our Daily Bread today.

Note: Due to the higher temperatures, we will be meeting at 9:00 during the summer from here on in.

Another Note: Please do not harvest on days other than workdays. Members are welcome to send someone else to work in their place on those days.

A good week to all.


And a recipe:
Grandma Schrag's Cabbage Salad