Monday, May 27, 2013

Workday:Saturday, May 25th

Saturday, May 25, 2013 Workday

The work was divided between creating two new beds in the new garden 
area, and harvesting in the existing garden. The tiller was again used 
to turn the soil for the new beds, and mushroom compost was added by 
the wheelbarrow full.  Shovel and rake work was done to raise the two 
beds which are 4' wide with 3' paths abutting them.  Meanwhile, a huge 
harvest was reaped of lettuces, mustard greens, garlic, oregano, kale, 
and arugula.

Many thanks to Maria and Melanie for driving today's large harvest to Our Daily Bread!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day: Greens! Greens!

Naomi writes:
Mother's Day Workday, May 12, 2013

-During the week Hugh constructed our new compost bin at Larry and  Vicki's home and with their help.  Larry described it as the "Rolls 
Royce" of compost bins and we are incredibly grateful to Hugh for his  time and talent.  It was installed today and the first of three 
compartments was filled with compost  most of which came from the  plastic bins we had been using. We may also potentially use the bin to  educate the public about composting.

-Harvested one of the two beds of spinach as they won't last in the 
warm weather. The bed was completely cleared and pepper plants were  planted.
-Two iron benches were assembled and placed in the garden.
-A bed of heirloom tomatoes was planted along with two beds of 
Celebrity tomatoes. A bed of eggplants was also planted.
-Mizuna (mustard greens) were again drowning out the leeks.  We won't  be interplanting these two crops again. They were severely thinned out  in order to allow the leeks to thrive.

-Crops were harvested and a generous donation brought to Our Daily Bread, thanks to Tom and Mercedes. Harvested crops included Swiss  chard, kale, spinach, mizuna, radishes, chives, oregano, cilantro, and  some lettuce.

May 5th Work Day (no pics)

On Sunday, May 5, 2013

Four beds were prepared -- three were tilled and widened a bit for 
tomatoes and cages were placed and staked.  The 4th row is for 
eggplants and peppers -- smaller cages were prepared to support those 
crops.  A group worked on raking the newly cleared area, removing 
branches, rocks, etc.  There is evidence of bug damage on lettuce, 
cabbage and cauliflower and Robin sprayed. Interesting that the green 
varieties were affected much more than the red.  A group thinned the 
"mustard greens" (Mizuna) which was tedious work, clearing them from 
around the leeks.  The thinings were harvested and were quite yummy.