Monday, March 31, 2014

Rained out, Maybe next week.

Mushroom compost is for sale again at the same bargain price of $5 for a a garbage bag full. 
Pick it up at your convenience and pay up when you come to a workday.

And here's a summary of what was accomplished last Sunday:

33 households showed up including 5 new members! Lots of compost was worked into the garden beds. About a third of the new mushroom compost supply was used along with our own home-made compost. Lots of weeding was done and, sadly, it appears the harsh winter destroyed our garlic crop. In response to a call for volunteers, Jen agreed to take the lead in working with our new strawberry crop and Allen will do the same for the raspberries. Jodi, Todd, and Paula are interested in working on weed control, and we continue to need someone to be in charge of the "automatic" watering system. 

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